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What We Do

Ember + Ash is a small press publisher for the role-playing community. It is run by the rpg community's most adorable* power** couple, Natalie Ash and Madeleine Ember. We love a wide variety of games and playstyles, but we will be featuring a system-agnostic setting of "Richter", a terror-filled city inspired by places like Dunwall, Yarnham, and Venice. It will also include incursions for both Trophy Dark and Trophy Gold, and a secondary PbtA style game in the same universe.

Follow us on twitter for publication information, or check out our storefront on Itch to purchase or download our products. If you have any feedback, send us a DM on Twitter. If we can help you publish your content, we would love to speak with you about how we can help: everything from content creation, through editing (line and developmental), layout, art direction, or doing the whole publishing thing. It's important to us to use our platform to help amplify other voices.

* probably not

** definitely not... yet

Who We Are

Natalie Ash  

Game designer, writer, publisher, both geek and nerd. Available for freelance game design and writing as well as layout.

Layout Portfolio

Madeleine Ember  

Illustrator, writer, collector of small rocks and strange stories. Available for freelance illustration and game writing.

Illustration Portfolio

Our Games


The winter has been bitter and cold and starvation is already setting in, even though it is only midwinter. Search the forest for the fabled Everspring - a place where fruit is always in season and game lays at yout feet. An incursion for Trophy Dark.

Available on and Drive Thru RPG


It's Christmas Eve and Santa has been kidnapped. Your team of elves has tracked him to the gates of NorthPoleLand - a crass, Christmas themed amusement park. Will you be the elf who saves Christmas? An incursion for Trophy Dark

Available on and Drive Thru RPG

Project Galileo

2033 - You’ve been pursuing your scientific exploration on Mars, 11 Earth-months into the 12 you’ll be spending in Galileo Base, where you have found the first evidence of another intelligent species. Explore and discover what lies in the depths of Mars in this Incursion for the Trophy Dark system.

Available on and Drive Thru RPG