What's So Cool About Clown School?
What's So Cool About Clown School? A Micro-Game

What's So Cool About Clown School?

You have been called to an ancient and noble profession - clowning! At Cluck’s Clown College you will learn secret clown magic, find evil and defeat it, and grow into the very best clown you can be!

Clowning is a longstanding and noble profession. A Calling, really. In this micro-game, the players take on the role of evil-vanquishing clowns making the world a safer, and more amusing, place.

Content Warning.

This game contains potentially triggering content related to eating disorders, specifically the effects of malnutrition/starvation, and animal suffering due to natural causes (not from human abuse).

A5 size, 8 color pages

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What’s So Cool About Clown School? is a #wscajam entry inspired by Jared Sinclair’s What’s So Cool About Outer Space.