Tides of a Dead Sea
Tides of a Dead Sea - An Incursion for Trophy Gold

Tides of a Dead Sea

Explore a Strange New Region

After surviving a terrible winter, explorers from your village found that a previously closed mountain pass was now open. On their return, word quickly spread of the incredible and strange wonders they witnessed. Now, a stream of explorers, natural philosophers, and plunderers are gearing up to cross that same pass and explore ančwuntouched world. The rumormongers missed several important pieces of information: only one member of the expedition returned; they were feverish and spoke incoherently about strange monsters; they quickly died, their body bruised and red, covered with welts and bites. As your expedition sets forth, will you suffer the same fate?

Designed for Trophy Gold

Tides of a Dead Sea is an incursion for Trophy Gold where your ragtag band of treasure hunters explore a previously untouched wilderness in search of treasure and acclaim. Learn about Trophy Gold at TrophyRPG.com. Trophy™ is a trademark of Hedgemaze Press. The trademark and “Designed for Trophy” Logo are © Hedgemaze Press, and are used with permission.

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