Shiver - A Trophy Dark One-Shot


It has barely reached midwinter, and already starvation has come. There is no help coming from far off Fort Duhrin. Legends tell of the Everspring: a place in the forest of Kalduhr where trees are bountiful with fruit, game that lies down at your feet, and rivers of sweet, golden honey.

You have volunteered to find it. Head into the forest and save the lives of your friends and fellow townspeople, or die trying.

Content Warning.

This incursion contains potentially triggering content related to eating disorders, specifically the effects of malnutrition/starvation, and animal suffering due to natural causes (not from human abuse).

A5 size, color cover, 16 black & white interior pages

Actual Plays

Our friend maenadmags has run and recorded Shiver. You can listen on their soundcloud!

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Rooted In Trophy

Shiver is an incursion for the game Trophy Dark by Jesse Ross. If you do not have Trophy Dark, the basic rules required for play are included.